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Viability is the ability of an entity to exist, the disposition to mature, to persist stably and make progress as well as to be in the position to regenerate in case of crisis. An entity can be a person, group, an object as well as an idea or concept. It can be called viabel, if it fits into its context, and is feasible, useful and functional.

For each entity, survival is the most important interest. The degree of viability is determined, among other things, by the following elements: a consistent, resilient concept, context compatibility, organizational practicability, economic efficiency, technical feasibility, availability of sufficient resources, a realistic timeframe and durability, compliance as well as political stability and freedom. If one of these elements is not fulfilled, viability of the entity is diminished.

In regions of the world, where the Internet fulfills these criteria, it proved the last forty years its viability, with its simple and applicable concepts. This global, economical communications network connects one third of mankind.
Viability is besides profit, revenue and growth, the crucial condition for the existence of an entity. As soon as it does not survive, the basis for all other quality criteria disappears. With increased attention of viability, it will be possible to replace short term, risky strategies, by long-term, natural strategies of vitality.

A practical operational area for viability is business modeling. Business models of the past thousands of years provide examples of businesses that adapted to the respective circumstances, developed and dissolved - from the arrowhead maker, through figure painters, up to the video store that is close to extinction.

Viability is also applicable in the areas of innovation, change and organization management, corporate identity as well as in strategy development and business engineering. With the evaluation of the elements mentioned, the entities of the respective areas, for example strategy, business process or self-image, can be evaluated concerning their viability and improved, if necessary.

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